Going Deep

Going Deep ranked 4th. on the Books for Business bestseller list and is recognized as one of the first business books to look at leadership as a role that requires a spiritual as well as an operational perspective.

Finally a book that shows leaders how to make work meaningful! There is no greater challenge for leaders today...and you can't do it through political, economic or structural strategies. Leadership must go much deeper than that. Organizations worldwide are filled with people desperately looking for deeper meaning in their lives and their work. The harsh reality is that we will spend more time at work than we do with our own families! And if that's the case...there had better be some meaning in it! In this powerful and penetrating book, you will discover the six amazing phases that we all go through on our way to a meaning-filled and purpose-full life. And not only that...Corporations and companies must go through exactly the same process if they want to lead their industry and create meaningful work for their people.

"Going Deep isn't just a book - it's an opportunity to get off the hamster wheel of work and really think about how to inspire others and create a meaningful work experience."
Elizabeth Hoyle, VP Marketing, Trimark Investment Management Inc.

"Ian paints a picture of what our business lives can and should be, and dares us to make the picture a reality!"
John Jacobs, President & CEO, Union Central Life Insurance

"An incredible gift for anyone trying to connect joy, meaning and spirituality with leadership...a real treasure to read."
Monique Reece Myron, The Denver Business Journal

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